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How to Improve an Automotive Website to Serve Its Purpose

Automotive owners are usually in search of information and solutions to solve their vehicles problems or to improve them. Automotive websites remain their main source of information, but in some cases, they end up disappointed because some of the websites do not live up to their expectations. Suppose your business deals in automotive maintenance and repairs and you have a site, the following website design tips will prove helpful.

Navigability – Your automotive website should be simple to use. If you have a navigable website, users will not have any difficulties to go through the information on it, and they will take their time to get details. Label every section such that the user sees where to go next after getting information from a particular section. Importantly, your website should have a search box which allows a user to find whatever he wants within a short time. Provide navigation trail so that users can trace their movement on the site.

5-second rule – Catch the attention of the user within the first few seconds of logging into your website. Users might not have much time on your site especially if it does not have what they want. For instance, if your website promotes offices for rent, this should be precise on the first page that the user interacts with. Your automotive website should be solution-oriented and that way, users will like it because they find answers to their problems. Research on the contents before you post them on the site.

Social share buttons – Not every will get the chance of visiting your website, but the few that access your automotive website should have an opportunity to share the information that they came across. Whoever accesses your website will have a chance to share the contents with people on the social media platform, and this is how the information can spread far and wide. Have social share buttons on the site enable users to share useful information with their counterparts in the social media.

Simple website – Most users are not interested in the looks of your website because when one starts browsing; he is looking for information that could be helpful. Focusing on the website design to improve its aesthetics is meaningless, and it is likely to confuse because of the nature of complexity. Users need websites that are straightforward without any complexity whatsoever.

Call to action – Do not just explain what your business does on the website then you leave it at that. It does not stop there because users expect that you invite them to subscribe to email newsletters, make orders or ask queries. Propose to them a subscription to email newsletters, making an order or encourage them to ask questions.

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