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What to Do with a Hacked Computer

There may come a time when you realize that you have been hacked. This normally causes many people to panic as they do not understand how it could happen to them. You face so many options in such a predicament. Here are some of the things that shall help you manage the situation effectively.
Start by not panicking. As much as this may seem hard, you need to do so if you are to regain control of the situation. If you are in a network, you need to go offline. Confirm that you have unplugged from all confections, be it Wi-Fi or any physical connections. You should hen all in the IT department.
This is when you turn off the computer and remove the hard drive, to keep the virus from further corrupting it. If you cannot locate it, ask the IT experts to help. You can then have that hard drive connected to a clean computer to see if you salvaged anything. You then need to store that data safely, whether in the cloud, another hard drive, or on a CD.
You should now wipe that hard drive clean, removing anything left in it. It can now be reconnected and your software reinstalled. This shall take some time, but it shall be clean. Update the anti-virus installed. You need to go for the best quality anti-virus there is. There is every reason to incur the cost. You shall discover more about it here.
You then need to change all passwords for every service you use. This may be the info the hackers were interested in. You need to make sure what they have if they have it, is useless.
You need to be especially watchful of your online shopping accounts. Some hackers are known for taking advantage of this and diverting your purchases to new addresses. You should go through your social media accounts to be sure no malicious messages were sent on your behalf. You also need to announce to all those you deal with that you have been hacked, so that they do not comply with any new requests. It is also important to confirm that no new accounts have been created in your name.
It is important for you to then back up and store all your files in a safe place. This is in case there is ever another attack in future. The best backup is one that shall keep updating itself as time goes.
You also need to know what it is they were after in your system. For a business, they may have been after money, but also your business account information. You shall need expert help to figure out what it is they could have wanted. You shall learn more about this from this site.