How to Read Latest Live News Today at Google

How to Read Latest Live News at Google Site is easy. In the digital era that is as sophisticated as today, we can find the information easily via advanced technology tools. One such device is the Android smartphone. Smartphones are often called smartphones already have the technology and features that are very sophisticated. Besides, development in parts of the world very rapidly.

latest live news

latest live news

Living in the modern era is not complete if we do not know latest live news. Today news can be anything ranging from Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Science, Technology, Culture, and the news – other news. All that we can know only one time or one day.

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One of the most traditional methods often done by Parents of reading the newspaper. Reading newspapers is one simple way to get the latest live news from a few days earlier. But such things little by little will be left behind because the Smartphone or Tablet we can access all the news complete and detail without having to bother bringing newspapers. Smartphones become one of the most available media access news in the fastest and most complete with news worldwide.

Best Android Apps Reading and Latest News

On this occasion, I will share the apps list News Frequently Used By The Android Users of the Fun to serious. There are many news sites in Indonesia were very popular and famous like or Both of these locations are already very popular and become the best news website in Indonesia. In addition to these two areas, more details you see the Application List Best News And Complete the following.

Babe – Read News Indonesia

Babe is a free Android app news portal that provides news updates with extensive and complete. By installing the application Babe, you will not be felt foolish due to the Babe offer a variety of interesting information and updated every second. This application is very light and fast load time of the page, making it easier for you to open and read the latest live news.

There are 20 variations of the best category of Babe, among others: Politics, Techno & Gadgets, Anime, Kpop, Entertainment, Football, Movies, Business Economics, International, and much more. Interested in trying, downloading latest news via the Google Play Store for free.

Download Babe Via Google Play Store


AFP is the largest news portal site in Indonesia. Since first until now CNN is already very popular and famous, who do not know, Almost all gadget users must know this place. presenting news information super complete and updated, every second there will be the latest update from There are many categories of, refer to the categories below.

You can get the hottest news and the latest from the channel and sub-channel below:
Detiknews (Politics And Breaking News)
Detiksport (Tennis, Moto GP, Soccer Etc)
Football (Soccer, League)
DetikFinance (Finance, Banking And Times)
Detikhot (Celebrity Gossip, Movie, Entertainment Etc)
DetikINET (IT, Gadget And Telecommunication)
DetikHealth (Health Tips, Sex Tips, Etc)
Detikfood (Culinary, Recipes, Etc)
DetikTravel (Travel Destination)
DetikOto (Automotive)
DetikFoto (News Photo)
Wolipop (Women’s Fashion And Lifestyle)

Download AFP Via Google Play Store

CNN Indonesia

Latest live news at CNN website provides information to the official selection of quality journalism. Not only proclaim quickly and accurately but also sharp and profound. Latest news and information can be accessed 24 hours a week in the form of text, photos and video in some the following channels: Politics, National, Economy, International, Sports, Technology, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Indonesia is one of the CNN news portal based in America, generally its name to CNN, because in Indonesia renamed to CNN Indonesia. Indonesia is the branch of CNN International. Interested in trying CNN Indonesia, Download free latest live news via Google Play Store.

Download CNN Indonesia Via Google Play Store


Kompas is a news portal that is quite popular in Indonesia. Online website is always instant exciting news updates within 24 hours 7 days. There are many choices of Kompas news topic among News, Sport, Science, Economics, Techno, Entertainment, Automotive, Healthcare, Woman, Property, Travel and Education.

Of the compass you open Browser, you’d better download application to make it easier and faster to open the site. You can also get the latest news updates of the application. What’s more, you can find latest live news according to your wishes by using fits SearchingSAT provided.

Download Kompascom Via Google Play Store is a free android application that you can use to access the daily news of tempo.Co actual manner, sharp, and reliable. centred in Jakarta as one of the Company Inti Media that has long been famous. You as the author or Journalist may also contribute to providing compelling content in

You stay and make a list of articles voted by the fact that there is, and will publish items that you will appear on applications and sites . Interested in trying, a free download latest live news application via Google Play Store.

Download Tempo.Co Via Google Play Store

Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online is an English-language news website based in the United States. This app has been very popular, even by 2015, the site received an award from the Google Play Store as it has in the Download more than 2 million users of Android. There are a lot of content provided by this site including US & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sport, Femail, Science & Technology, Health, Money, Travel, and much more !. Interested in trying Applications Daily Mail, a free download via Google Play Store.

Download the Daily Mail Online Via Google Play Store

BBC Latest Live News

In addition to the Daily Mail or CNN, BBC News is also a well-known and popular news sites in the World. Latest news access worldwide. Currently the BBC News show with a fresh design and new, with quite a lot of content and plentiful.

In addition to the application, you can also directly access the site from Android Browser or PC you have. Get more information with extensive knowledge of BBC News. Free Download BBC News app via the Google Play Store.

Download BBC News Via Google Play Store

The Wall Street Journal: News

The Wall Street Journal is the last application as the best news applications most frequently accessed by people in the whole world from Europe, America, and Asia. There is a broad range of hot topics every day that has always been the subject such as business and finance, politics and technology, as well as expert commentary and analysis. In content, every journalist provides exceptional writing style is very professional. Download the free app of The Wall Street Journal via the Google Play Store for free.

Download The Wall Street Journal Via Android Play Store

From the list above are all compatible applications on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Motorola, Acer, Oppo, Lenovo, Asus Zenfone, Advan, Sony Experia, Smartfren Andromax, and others.

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That was brief information on List of Most Popular News App World, may be helpful and useful.

15 Applications Read News Android updates & Trusted 100%. For those of you buddy techno, now with the presence of a smartphone that uses the Android system, the article of this phone is not in use for the benefit of communicating with relatives or friends. But there are many uses can you get by using Android just wear other applications. For it in an application in android course very many applications that can petrify you read the news that is popular. But there is also news that aims to provoke the group with the viral story.


Of the many applications that exist in the Android news, of course, really can help you to read a news update. Besides, existing news apps in the Android might have different versions of these applications inherited from the native Android. However, for internet users who want to remove the default application and want to switch to another application. For it was on this occasion we will provide a variety of information about the use read the updated news, consider the following review.

News Information updated set of applications

Applications CNN

CNN is the first request. This application can provide some date information that is popular, for this application it makes its presence known in Indonesia.

Applications Legal

The second are Legal Application, this application also includes application information is very well known, these applications can provide some kind regarding the information being hits and complete information and any actor who rated them pillowcase.

Applications Babe

If you love to read latest live news from google, we recommend you use this one app, other than that this application also provides some information that’s in there. However, if you use Android application can open the application.

Applications Voa Indonesia

Furthermore, an application that in Voa Indonesia, with this application you will be offered a lot of information that, is quite popular in Indonesia. For that you can give your insight with the latest information from us.

Application Seconds

This application adopts a variety of information from the beginning technology life, food, politics and much more. However, this application has rigorous criteria to become members.

Application Coverage 6

Coverage 6 is one among the event information contained in the channel SCTV. The news is so fresh and exciting should you watch to provide news about the diverse sorts of things that are life.

Applications Kompas

Kompas also includes a social media application that can get up there many times uploader download this application. Kompas itself is news updated, so information has raged them pillowcase.

Applications Viva

For the latter application is the application Viva. There are many applications there seems to support with various brands of Android, but the arrival of this request that will certainly make you easier to get on the inside.

4 Applications Read News Indonesia’s Best Android

This smartphone has a lot of features and also various kinds of news applications you can install. One of these applications is already available, namely, use to read the news information that resides in the country. If you usually read the news on print media or television, you can now more quickly read the news via Android smartphone.

Read News app available on Android is also very much at all. Besides, news that has also given from a trusted source. News also provided a wide variety of categories such as Automotive, Football, Politics, gadgets and other types.

And for those of you who want to read news via Android smartphone, you can install applications read news on your Android smartphone. Here is the best app Indonesian news read on Android.

Applications Read Best News On Android

BABE – Read News Indonesia

Babe also is a news reading application that has the number of users on the install or Android smartphone. Babe itself has also been heavily promoting to find someone to install this application. And this application has been successful with the number of users reached 10 million users.

This application also has a very simple and the size of the application is also very light. Then very responsive to our use. And the news is always updated at any time, and you can also see the latest tips that exist in the application of Babe – Read the News Indonesia.

AFP is also an application read the news or news portal made in PT. Agranet Multicitra Siberkom. The Detikcom application provides a variety of news in Indonesia until that is outside the country is updated, and also the actual information. For the category of the latest live news is also highly variable ranging from Politics, Football, Gadgets and other news categories.

Additionally, you can also enjoy a handy search feature to find the news you want to search. So internet users can write a word into Google, then quickly this application will bring up the news you are looking. Not only that, but it also has application will provide notification to users if you the latest news on the application.

This notification feature is very useful for the user’s application Detikcom. This feature is helpful to inform you of the news that has been much talked about and be able to read right. So every day you do not need to bother to look for hot news every day.

Besides, the AFP application is very lightweight, so it will not take much of your smartphone data quota. And for the performance of loading is also no need to worry anymore, although the connection your smartphone less well you can access the AFP news via this application.


Not only seconds, which now has an Android application, Kompascom also read the news has had an application that can installed on smartphones Android. Within this application, you can read the news in Indonesia and also overseas. This app will give you news very updated and accurate. That way, users can find the information they need easily and quickly.

How to Read Latest Live News online?

Kompascom has had a wide variety of news categories vary considerably. The groups are ranging from Politics, Football, Gadgets and other types that you can choose to read. Also, this application is quickly providing you with the latest news.

For the features of this app, you can enjoy features such as Top News, Headlines and Video News. With these features, then you can know the latest news easily and quickly just by sliding your android screen only.

Liputan6 – News Indonesia

If you are accustomed to seeing on television latest news as Liputan6, now you can enjoy and read the story on your Android smartphone. This application is purposely developed for Android smartphone users so that they are easy to get the latest news and up to date in Indonesia, and also abroad.

Similar to other latest live news apps, this app also has various types of news categories that you can choose to read. Talking about the design look of these applications regarding layout is very convenient to read the google information. There was also a useful feature for comments to give an opinion on the story they have read. But you need to register to comment or register first. Above that is the best application Indonesian news read on Android which you can install on your device. May be useful for you all and add insight and vast knowledge.

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