Learn How to Make Money from Google AdSense Business

Learn How to Make Money from Google AdSense Business is easy and profitable. Google AdSense is a program run by Google to collaborate between Publisher and Google parties in advertising. Thanks to this cooperation, has created thousands of new millionaires, including all professional blogger.

Google AdSense business

Google AdSense business

And much more people who successfully make money from Google AdSense business players. Businessman gets earnings/income of tens of millions. Even one of them there is said to have received a salary of $ 100,000 from Google AdSense. If check dollar rates to rupiah, then the huge revenue from Google AdSense is $ 1.203.400.000.00 (1 billion 200 million).

But I am sure you can success if register Google Adsense Business Joint Venture at pulsamarket.com now. It is the income or gross income. It means not profit because in addition to pay a content writer. They also have to pay rent hosting is also not low price. So profit or clear opinion gained may be between 80 – 90%. Still huge is not it?

Looking at the amount of income that we can get from the Google AdSense program! Then it listed Google AdSense Business as one of the best Online Income today. Certainly make anyone interested in trying it, but of the many people try, I’m sure not everything goes smoothly Like what they imagine. And that’s natural. You must joint Google Adsense as pulsamarket member. So, businessman can get paypal dollar easily!

To help friends who are still in trouble to earn money from Google AdSense that, I decided to write this article. This business report that will discuss How to Get Paypal Dollar from the Internet with Google AdSense completely , from start How to Register AdSense up With How to Optimize AdSense Ads to be able to generate thousands of dollars in a month.

Understanding of What is Google AdSense business

As I mentioned above Google AdSense is an advertising program between Publisher and Google itself. Using a PPC system with a share of 68% for Publisher and the rest (32%) for Google. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a system that will pay you every ad we click on by visitors. You can exchange dollar and bitcoin from Google AdSense business at MiniChanger Pulsamarket website.

How it works from Google AdSense is very simple. Because it is calculated based on the clicks obtained. So big or small our income depends on the number or the number of clicks we get. So for you who want to earn a lot of money from Google AdSense, then we must have a lot of visitors first. Especially for you who are still difficult to bring visitors to the Blog, I’ve made a first tutorial. You can read here.

How Google AdSense Works

As I explained above, Google AdSense is a PPC or Pay per Click program. You can place advertisement banner from Google Adsense business. Where you are forbidden to click on your ads with any argue. So in charge of clicking on ads here are visitors to your Blog. Also should not place an image or text that essentially tells visitors to click on the Google AdSense ads.

In the Google AdSense business we will also be familiar with the name CPC (click per cost) and CTR (click through rate).

CPC is the amount of revenue from a click (dollar/dollar unit)
CTR is the percentage of clicks we get (percent units)

CPC for Indonesia content usually ranges from $ 0.5 – $ 1 can less, depending on the niche that we choose. And for CTR, how to calculate it is very easy. That is by dividing the number of clicks earned by the number of ad impressions and multiplied by 100. Google Adsense is Trusted Business Website.

Number of Clicks / Number of Ad Impressions x 100 = AdSense CTR

The average CTR gained by Indonesian publishers, based on my survey ranged from 1 – 5% although there is also still 0.x% and some are CTR AdSensenya more than 5%. It all depends on the template, niche and how to place ads.

How to Create & Prepare Site For Google AdSense

Be it Blog or Website. Both can be installed Google AdSense as long as the niche or theme that promoted does not conflict with violating AdSense Content Guidelines.

So it is fine if you want to create a Blog or Website to be fitted with Google AdSense later. But here I still recommend to create a blog only, for the following reasons:

Blog has a high CPC
Blogs are easier to bring in visitors

In addition to making the blog is also much easier than creating a website, for you want to learn to create your blog I have prepared a tutorial for a blog that you can read here How to Create a Blog.

And for you who already have a Blog and want to create a website, then I also have prepared a tutorial to create the particular website for you, to read the tutorial you, please click How to Make Website.

How to Apply Google AdSense

Signing up in Google AdSense is like asking for a woman, all must be well prepared, as well as AdSense, where we must make blog/website we deserve to be accepted, and the way to run is as follows:

Choose the Right Niche

Niche or The Right Theme for Google AdSense included in the PPC, such as Insurance, Loan, Online Business and many others. So chooses a slot that goes into HPK list.

Create Quality Articles

Quality materials should not be the blog post of original, but rather an article that provides and can solve the problem that visitors are facing. This issue is evident from some of my friends’ blogs that are approved by Google despite its Copas content. With your note including the source or link to the blog being copy and paste.

Give a Clear Contact Name

Creating contact page and about will help you to get a full approved Google AdSense account, this is because your blog/website will look more professional. Also, you are also advised to create a Disclaimer page and Privacy Policy.

Use TLD Domain

TLD or Top Level Domain you must have if you want to get a full Adsense account approve. If you are lazy to buy a domain, then you can use a free like Dot TK.

The four things above will make your Blog deserve to be registered Google AdSense. So if the above four elements fulfilled, then please register your Blog to Google AdSense, and I am sure you will get a fully approved AdSense account, as long as your niche is specific and the articles made excellent quality.

How to Increase AdSense Income

If you play AdSense for Local Blog (blog Indonesia), then the income earned may be quite small when compared with AdSense installed in Blog Bule (English language blog), because regarding CPC obtained, for blogs but can be 5x larger Compared to local blogs.

But it does not matter if you still want to use local Blog, following tips from me increase Google AdSense earnings:

Create one type of ad

It’s common knowledge that the fewer types/ad formats you use, the more CPC you’ll get.

Create quality articles

Quality items that also target the Google AdSense Indonesia CPC, such as Business, Health, Design or Automotive.

Note the view of the ad placement

The best position of Google AdSense Ad placement, as far as I know, is above the title, in the middle of the article and at the end of the article. To get high visitor, use Facebook Multi Post to Group.

How to earn money from Google AdSense business?

You must order Virtual Credit Card (paypal VCC) to withdraw money. The three things above if you do right, then I am sure you will be successful as the senior Google AdSense successful. First, but it also can not be human, it takes time to be successful from Google AdSense (3 – 12 months).

Fast, or ever Your blog generates earnings, it all depends on your efforts and your hard work in creating and promoting articles you create, the more articles on the Blog, the more likely it is to be able to get visitors from Google, and more often share them in social media will Help your Blog to SERP better which ultimately will also multiply visitors, because the core of Google AdSense itself is the Visitors.

In addition to Google AdSense, there is much more another alternative program to earn money from Blog with PPC system, such as:


Google AdSense business not only limited to PPC programs. If you are proficient also can bribe the benefits of blogs by writing a review of a product, more about how to use blogs to make money you can read this post How to Make Money from Blog. I think it is quite clear AdSense Tutorial above, I hope after reading you can practice it. That’s it from me, happy fighting. Don’t forget to read Live News Today at Google!

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