Giving Students A Goal To Strive For

When a classroom of students needs to learn a particular lesson, their teacher will most likely use any means necessary to get the information to them so they are able to retain it properly. One way to get students to try hard at learning information being presented is with the use of incentives and awards. Using a promotion idea in the classroom will give students the ability to try hard to reach goals as a result. Here are some ways to effectively use awards in the classroom.

Display Awards Of Winners To Give Others Incentive

When a student wins an award in the classroom for showing improvement in their learning processes, it can be displayed for others to view. This will in turn give others the gumption to try hard in the class themselves as they will also wish to be recognized for their achievements. A shelf, hooks, or a cabinet can be used to show off any awards won, giving students a common area to view the recipients’ items. Alternately, achievements can be placed in an area of the school where other classes can look at the awards as they pass by.

Be Sparing On How Many Awards Are Given

Instead of giving out awards frequently, it is a good idea to make it challenging for recipients to receive certain types of awards. This will make the students work harder at being recognized for achievements that are difficult to obtain. Different tiers of awards can be given for different instances, allowing students to work their way up to the larger prizes for more difficult achievements.

Announce Winners At Specified Times

One way to make the incentive in receiving an award in the classroom desirable, is with an announcement in a public manner to others. This can be done at a student recognition ceremony, through a newsletter, or with caretakers present in the classroom. Students who win awards will be pleased to show off their accomplishments to others in a public manner. This can be done at the end of each marking period or at the end of the school year.

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